My passion to support and enhance the lives of others inspired me to immerse myself over the past decade in advanced graduate studies and training in positive psychology, the scientific study of optimal human functioning, flourishing and well-being. Where traditional models of health focused on illness and disease, positive psychology suggests that there is as much to be learned from what people do right as there is from what is wrong. And just because we are not suffering from illness or disease, does not mean that we are happy, fulfilled, or thriving. Positive psychology offers evidence-based strategies to move people “north of neutral”.

Combining an MSc Health Psychology, as well as certifications in Applied Positive psychology, Applied Positive Psychology Coaching (ACC credentialing from ICF), Positive Education Certification, and the Bounce Back Better® Program (a resiliency training program) from the internationally recognized Flourishing Center, I am thrilled to work with clients as a life & business coach and resiliency trainer.

Grounded in the science of positive psychology and researched-based approaches to flourishing.


Business Engagement & Achievement 


Health & Wellness

Career & Life Transitions

Student Achievement & Transition

Family & Parenting.

Everything I do serves to enhance, empower, and optimize peoples’ lives, relationships and professional potential. I create safe non-judgmental spaces where clients have room to think, gain greater awareness, confidence and purpose, build strengths, manage stress, achieve goals, and enhance performance, productivity and communication.

Coaching can help people move from where they currently are to where they want to be, more proficiently and with greater ease than they would on their own. Coaching can be a great fit for people who are managing transition, life challenges, feeling stuck, wanting to manage stress better, or alternatively, wanting to achieve personal, professional and health-related goals.

Additionally, I offer a variety of PERSONAL, EDUCATIONAL & ORGANIZATIONAL WORKSHOPS on human potential and the pathways to flourishing based on the PERMA-V model of flourishing







I also offer RESILIENCE WORKSHOPS based on the Bounce Back Better® System created by the internationally recognized Flourishing Center.

The Bounce Back Better® System is a resilience training program (with 16 potential workshops) that teaches the science of resilience, what separates people who bounce back from those who fall flat, and the core skills that can be harnessed to help you bounce back better! This program focuses on the key theories and skills people need to be more effective and adaptable in the world. When participants learn and apply these skills, they can gain a sense of personal mastery over their lives, increasing their ability to handle whatever life throws their way.

These skills are instrumental in supporting people in caring for their mental, emotional, physical, and social health.