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Grounded in the science of positive psychology, these workshops teach participants research-based skills and tools to thrive in organizational, educational, and personal settings. Workshops topics include: • The Power of Positive Emotion • Character Strengths • Engagement & Achievement • Mindset • Goal setting & achievement + • Enhancing Relationships and Communication • Changing Health Behaviour • Purpose & Meaning • Zest & Vitality Just because we are not coping with illness or disease does not mean we are thriving. Moreover, we can thrive while coping with chronic illness or disease. Let's go 'north of neutral'. Learn the pathways to flourishing. Connect with the science of optimal human functioning and well-being through the PERMA-V model of flourishing: Positivity, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, Achievement, & Vitality. There is an abundance of research demonstrating that these six aspects of life are necessary to thrive. Take a deep dive into the science behind optimal human functioning, and bring it alive with real time tools and skills. ​Contact to customize and book your workshop.

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