Happy Clients

Andrea is a remarkable blend of everything I could have hoped to find in a coach and more! She easily guides me through the messy space that my mind can be and I come out on the other side with more clarity than I thought possible. Effortlessly, she brings nuance to each of our sessions - she challenges me when it's necessary, encourages me when I need it, and helps me see what I'm missing or have been avoiding all together. I've had a tendency to be rather hard on myself so, I have enjoyed working with someone who forces me to come face to face with myself in a compassionate way. Andrea seamlessly brings in information from Positive Psychology that not only validates my own experiences but also helps me create action steps that are aligned with creating the life I want. 

If you're ready to start making changes in your life, I can't recommend Andrea enough! We've worked on making daily changes - like reframing thoughts, figuring out how to feel more joy instead of stress and where I'm forcing things - and bigger goals - like increasing my physical strength and vitality and being open to soul fulfilling work. I've made so much more progress working with her than I would have on my own! 

~ K. Zeigler, Atlanta

As I began my first session with Andrea, I did not fully understand the value or impact of choosing a life coach rather than a traditional therapist.  I am beyond grateful I chose Andrea as my life coach.  The experience has been a transformation in my perspective, mindset and behavior.  She is personable, relatable and  I was facing several significant events in my personal and professional life that I needed to address.  Andrea helped me to see change my perspective, believe in myself and set goals.  Each week was encouraging and uplifting as we worked together to set the goals in motion.

Through her coaching, I am a happier person for having learned to love myself and heal my hurts.  I am able stronger, more confident and happier.  This new perspective has improved all aspects in my life, including personal and work relationships. 

 I am truly grateful for her  inspiring words, tools and resources she offered.  I look forward to each of our sessions, knowing I will leave stronger and more confident.  Working with Andrea has been a life changing experience for me! 

~ Michelle T.,  Arizona

Andrea, at Your Best Life Coach, has been extremely valuable to our team.  She has worked with our executive team and has been instrumental to our efforts around helping us formulate and clarify our company values, creating trust and collaboration within the team and providing coaching and assistance both professionally and personally during this pandemic.  The effectiveness of our team has benefited tremendously with her support and coaching skill.  I would recommend her to any executive startup to assist with team cohesion, collaboration and intention! On a personal note, my coaching time with Andrea provides opportunity for reflection, deliberation and a calibration of purpose to move the company forward.  I look forward to our discussions every week!

~ Anna-Lisa M. Ceo, Arizona

The time I have spent with Andrea as my life and business coach has been a beautiful gift. When I first started working with Andrea, I was feeling overwhelmed by the personal challenges I was encountering and feeling stuck in my career development and progress. Andrea offered a safe and non-judgemental space for me to be open, honest and, most importantly, vulnerable about what I was experiencing in my personal and professional life. Together with Andrea's insight, knowledge, guidance and supportive techniques, I was able to work through my emotions, mental blocks and self-limiting behaviours and negative thought processes to arrive at an inner state of being where I feel at peace with my past and am moving forward with my future with grace, confidence and pose. The power of positive psychology is palatable and I am forever grateful for Andrea's professional coaching services.

~ K. Seagrave Millung, Calgary

I had been through different types of therapy, with different types of people.  Different types of support, at different times, all trying to get to a positive, balanced approach and thought process through challenges.  I am a very independent, stubborn at times, particular individual who at first didn’t think I needed any form of support, to not finding the right type.  But then, I started to talked to Andrea.  I found Andrea’s support was the upbeat, positive, reflective approach I needed to feel comfortable to not just talk, but listen to myself as she guided me through.  There wasn’t a session I had with Andrea that I didn’t have a moment of stun as I just figured something out about myself, my thoughts and my behaviours.  Those moments, they change your life because you finally see with new perspective.  And that’s when you actually move forward, positively.

~ Dani M, Saskatchewan

I worked with Andrea Zawaski while recovering from Chronic Fatigue and post-traumatic stress.  Andrea took the time to understand my situation and where I was at, and brought positive, loving energy and a measured approach to our sessions. I found Andrea incredibly insightful, and gifted in identifying root issues, and what I needed to learn and do to get my confidence back, move forward and make meaningful, lasting changes.  She gave me emotional literacy and communication tools, and taught me how to create respectful boundaries and stand up for myself, stay in touch with my emotions, tell people how I feel and work with other people’s emotions in a manner that meets everyone’s needs. Andrea also assisted me in developing non-judgmental awareness and mindfulness, a growth mindset, and strategies to take charge of my life, find my voice and fulfilling work, deepen loving kindness and compassion, manage stress effectively, release limiting beliefs and behaviours, and transform difficult emotions and experiences into love and gratitude.  I wholeheartedly recommend Andrea to anyone seeking assistance during stressful transitions, and with growth, change and complex, challenging diseases and situations.

~ Elizabeth M, Toronto